Friday, 23 February 2018

It begins within

Love inspiration moment:

We see blue outside, so it means blue is within us. We see rainbow, so it means rainbow is us too. We see dirt, dirt too comes from within as well.

So watever we see, feel in all senses, its all created and manifested from within. Well, it not easy to believe because many moments we see and feel with hearing words, action is against what we think to believe and true, we resist it within.

Now thats wat happen, as we are in law of universe moment, watever we resist it persist and watever we focus, its persist. This is where mishaps happen of separation of trueself from truth awareness that we are responsible for every single everything  moments as we are awake n alive..

Even how one truly one enlightened or higher powered, he is she is still responding to vibration of responsibilities of every act, thoughts etc. There is No speciality for anyone who is awake and alive. This is where every one practises humility n humbleness because it can be more dangerous to humanity when one enlightenment personality separates himself n herself. This will further cause further misgaps against law of universe. Good begets good, bad begets bad.

Its very difficult to believe everything that around happening is responding to n fro of our vibration. The mind will always find defense against existence to make believe that its true reality is truth which is not. Thats the journey of every human being to walk and fight with his or her creation of responsibility.

To make one journery little lighter, is to love the self. Every answer lies in that loving self.

Blessings of love

Saturday, 30 December 2017

Happy New Year Awareness

Love inspiration moment:

Another year coming to its end of full cycle. Every year we go thru new cycle of life experiences  of that year. So, in this year we learned as we age bodily in another year, we go thru evolvement of understanding our true self with all that we have experienced.

Experiences is meant for learning and enjoyment. Whatever transpired in past can never be altered or turnaround but it can be assessed to make us wiser and more loving to self. It is never to hate or dislike more of self where most of us do as we age we grew more hardness and frustration within.

As we age, we meant to value and love ourself gracefully with creating more awareness of our ability. So lets welcome another year of new cycle for us to walk thru in enhancing further our ability to harness our true love within and experience Divine Love oneness.

No need to create grudges or resentment of past but be aware of what resonates with you so that you move ahead to create further confidence in understanding your journey here. Regret of past can never be good investment to self but make sure you are aware your coming investment energy, thoughts, emotions that you are making on self. This will be creating new cycle of oneness self worth. Be mindful of your "personal investments".

Wishing you a very Happy New Year with lots of love and joy. Be bliss of abundance.

Bless love

Friday, 22 December 2017

Self Inspired Value

Love inspiration moment:

You can be inspired by anyone anytime. But how long will your inspiration last? The only inspiration or motivation that is lasting within  is given to you by your own very self.

Inspiration is an energy that keeps you going in doing anything in life. The source of inspiration begin in your heart. How much value and worth you give to your self? What sort of feeding you give to your mind?  You can be only fully inspired when you aware and understand yourself with your clarity gained in knowing what you wish in life.

It begins as you love yourself. No inspiration books or speech by anyone work fully on you unless you love yourself. You will start appreciating more by listening or reading inspiration and keep feeding yourself with  what you are learning in loving yourself.

Inspiration is driven force on what you want to create for your journey for yourself. It is never about competition or show off to others. Inspiration works powerful when you humble yourself while you soar high. Inspiration is about success sharing not putting down others and egoisticly stamping looking down on others ability.

True Inspiration is your awareness on your personal truth with oneness of everything in life. Then you will never stop feeling the joy to keep doing what you wish. You just keep going without need of anyone to push you. Because you have your own push button!

So be your magnet of inspiration! Merry Christmas folks! Wishing you much love and joy❤❤❤

Bless love

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Power of Influence

Love inspiration of the moment :

It is very easy to allow others to influence when answer are needed. Influence is power of confidence. How do we use it and allow it to impose on us, its depends on our intelligent awareness and self confidence.

How much would we rate our ability of being influence and influencing others? It is all about loving self and attention of living life. Influence matter of trufthfulness of one gives and receive. The true influence comes from within, when we are capable to weigh everything in life.

We cant really  guarantee one hundred percent result in being influence or influencing others, but with faith we give the matters to allow it be more aware and allow confidence.

So influence plays a big role in our lives in every area. Suggestion influence by others can be good or bad but it can only be played by its role if we know to what extend its matter to us. So loving self increase the awareness to know truth of our influence power by others or to others.

Bless love

Thursday, 2 November 2017


Love inspiration of the moment :

So what if we not perfect to convince others for who we are?? Does it matter? If matter, how much stake we willing to give to ourself to make it matter? These questions rules the awareness of what level approval and validation we require before we accept and love ourself.

Complete acceptance of who we are is enough for us to experience the journey. We make it so matter of not accepting ourself if we cant get validation from others which keep us away to strive better in life.

Accepting of who we are is first step to acknowledge the existence in our lives. Would we stop living if we fail to make others see us as we are? No its not what we here for.

We are here for ourself. Our existence is gift of love to earth and universe. We never been made as destroyer of anything in life. We been created to create magnificent extraordinary things in life which brings love, compassion, laugther and many other benefits to mankind, nature and everything related to life.

So we are perfect as we are. Less or more of anything within is something we work in aligning to make our journey as interesting as possible. We will stop engaging fears along the way because we made spray off fears from within so we can keep going and doing what we meant. Be thankful to our existence as we are.

Bless love