Friday, 23 February 2018

It begins within

Love inspiration moment:

We see blue outside, so it means blue is within us. We see rainbow, so it means rainbow is us too. We see dirt, dirt too comes from within as well.

So watever we see, feel in all senses, its all created and manifested from within. Well, it not easy to believe because many moments we see and feel with hearing words, action is against what we think to believe and true, we resist it within.

Now thats wat happen, as we are in law of universe moment, watever we resist it persist and watever we focus, its persist. This is where mishaps happen of separation of trueself from truth awareness that we are responsible for every single everything  moments as we are awake n alive..

Even how one truly one enlightened or higher powered, he is she is still responding to vibration of responsibilities of every act, thoughts etc. There is No speciality for anyone who is awake and alive. This is where every one practises humility n humbleness because it can be more dangerous to humanity when one enlightenment personality separates himself n herself. This will further cause further misgaps against law of universe. Good begets good, bad begets bad.

Its very difficult to believe everything that around happening is responding to n fro of our vibration. The mind will always find defense against existence to make believe that its true reality is truth which is not. Thats the journey of every human being to walk and fight with his or her creation of responsibility.

To make one journery little lighter, is to love the self. Every answer lies in that loving self.

Blessings of love

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