Saturday, 30 December 2017

Happy New Year Awareness

Love inspiration moment:

Another year coming to its end of full cycle. Every year we go thru new cycle of life experiences  of that year. So, in this year we learned as we age bodily in another year, we go thru evolvement of understanding our true self with all that we have experienced.

Experiences is meant for learning and enjoyment. Whatever transpired in past can never be altered or turnaround but it can be assessed to make us wiser and more loving to self. It is never to hate or dislike more of self where most of us do as we age we grew more hardness and frustration within.

As we age, we meant to value and love ourself gracefully with creating more awareness of our ability. So lets welcome another year of new cycle for us to walk thru in enhancing further our ability to harness our true love within and experience Divine Love oneness.

No need to create grudges or resentment of past but be aware of what resonates with you so that you move ahead to create further confidence in understanding your journey here. Regret of past can never be good investment to self but make sure you are aware your coming investment energy, thoughts, emotions that you are making on self. This will be creating new cycle of oneness self worth. Be mindful of your "personal investments".

Wishing you a very Happy New Year with lots of love and joy. Be bliss of abundance.

Bless love

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