Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Life is nature. Life is love.

Much is going on around the world especially the huge impact on climate change we can feel here too.

As oneness being, we continously feel for our hearts together to par the vibes on generating love energy from within to our Mother Nature. We create gratitude light in our inner being let it flow arpund us as oneness we empower our nature.

It begins from within. The chaos, uproar of Mother Nature calling only represent Her calling to us in initiating to uplift our soil, love our existense being one with Her.

We are Nature by self, as when we gone, our every inch dissolve with Mother Nature. So how can we feel we are separate from Mother Nature or our fellow being. Every feeling, prayer and gratitude makes a big difference because the Nature only wish to experience love.

Lets love, lets rise in generosity for giving our moments to appreciative with spreading inner love to around. Life is nature. Life is love. We are responsible as oneness.

Tq lord.
Blessings of love

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