Monday, 18 September 2017

Be self worth rather than pleaser to others

We are loving human being. So naturally we look out for love, respect, appreciation, being wanted etc. Instead feeling in but we looking out. We CAN practise feeling aware of what we wish to experience to ourself than rather dying to be with others😁

I have a friend  who loves to seek out approval from other friends or family to accept her as she is. She gets so emotional as she keep giving gifts to them just to get their attention or even keep inviting them to her place for party but they never bother to give her that intention or even speak to her no matter how nice she is to these people. She even goes all out to please them whenver help wanted because it her gives the feeling oh finally she being like accepted.

This been going on for years. She never gives up always hoping they will give the courtesy of respect and love she wishes to experience. So I have asked her why are you doing all these when they hardly acknowledge your existence. She reply sumday they will.

Here was my sharing to her, as Louise Hay said if we cant love or approve ourself, we are denying the existence of ourself as who we are. So I told her let go even it matters too much but to give space to inner within to resonate that emptyness she was trying to fill up. They are many people out there can be in her space when she fully loves herself. It never meant for her waiting whole time to feel the acceptance when she was vibrating it.

Then She did and doing as I say. She is becoming more understanding to herself rather focusing on something that creating the void.  Well arent we all like her, always craving to be in lime light or being populor group or really want more acquitance so it empower our innerself? I personally always  ask who is most important relantionship I could do for? The answer is simply myself.

Without the respect I give to myself, how can ever I gain another being to respect and value my existense in their life? If I keep the vibration that im only existed if I am known with others that totally dangerous self esteem. Self love creates the vibration to enhance the acceptance value of self worth that will attract of what we wish to experience.

So, simple, if you facing similiar moments,  do yourself a favour, learn to love yourself first rather looking for approval that other "should" love you. It can be that only as you love yourself and your inner align attract the ones your love is. Do not waste your time brooding on people who careless or who is blind to your existence, it will only create bigger gap in you n you will keep blaming life is bad. Never do that.

Your are beautiful.
You are handsome.
Your are loving.
Your presence is priceless to earth.
You cant be pleasing everyone because You have your own understanding. Respect and accept your core self because the divine energy is perfect in you. As you acknowledge that, everything comes as an understanding. You will know what to do and not to do because your are true to yourself first.

Happy loving
Blessing of love

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