Thursday, 2 November 2017


Love inspiration of the moment :

So what if we not perfect to convince others for who we are?? Does it matter? If matter, how much stake we willing to give to ourself to make it matter? These questions rules the awareness of what level approval and validation we require before we accept and love ourself.

Complete acceptance of who we are is enough for us to experience the journey. We make it so matter of not accepting ourself if we cant get validation from others which keep us away to strive better in life.

Accepting of who we are is first step to acknowledge the existence in our lives. Would we stop living if we fail to make others see us as we are? No its not what we here for.

We are here for ourself. Our existence is gift of love to earth and universe. We never been made as destroyer of anything in life. We been created to create magnificent extraordinary things in life which brings love, compassion, laugther and many other benefits to mankind, nature and everything related to life.

So we are perfect as we are. Less or more of anything within is something we work in aligning to make our journey as interesting as possible. We will stop engaging fears along the way because we made spray off fears from within so we can keep going and doing what we meant. Be thankful to our existence as we are.

Bless love

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