Sunday, 29 October 2017

Perception of Life

Love inspiration of the moment :

Sometimes we walk in a pathway, we suddenly slip n fall in some mud hole without being aware it. So what do we do next? Do we ignore and not wipe or clean it  Or do we get down wipe and clean ourself and then we keep walking?

Of course many of us choose that we clean ourself and then keep walking. During the intersession of cleaning up ourself, we will naturally start projecting of build emotions that is triggered due to the unease. It can be anger, frustration, why me, etc. In this moment, we been given power to express and let go emotion without getting attached to it or blaming anyone about it. As we do aware to handle, it will make our next moment at ease rather holding and make it worst for ourself.

So, we encounter similar situations in life, we cant be ignoring the fact that it cant be resolved. Everything can be resolved in matter of calm and peace. It is related to our inner believe, faith and trust within.

The important awareness is that we require to exercise our mental abilities in tackling anything in life. The bottom track of human fear is being attached to fear, the last death. We cant escape that fact. It comes as our pre destiny. So why worry or put fear near us which put away in being happy in the moment?

Similiarly to the situation above as I have mentioned, work on mental approach towards our perceiving in life. Anyone can say anything about life but what we believe about life will make life as we hold it.

Let the ups and downs be joy in our life. Since year 2000, we have seen more more things happenings around us. More different ideas appears infront of us, for example we need to build homes in Mars to escape Earth problems, etc.

Ever wonder by escaping will never resolve any problem? We can be anywhere in space but what matter how we aware of our self, our thoughts, vibrations that implies and change our journey for better not by changing places. Nothing can be change if perception is the same.

Change began within. We can change cloths to change our outlook but within is same vibration vibrating same idea that manifest results according to that perception. So look within. Be aware of innerself. We are co-creators of life destiny. Creator is ever ready within to assist as trust, believe and faith it.

Bless love

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