Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Being truthful

Can anyone stand for lifetime only speaking the truth no matter what is the situation? I doubt it.😂. If there is, I applaud the courage  and believe in within.

Personally, my very own attitude is uttering truth expression without assesing the implications of it. Now I have been many many times trap myself of  why I need to be expressive truthful speaking personality. I believe I am born this way because I remember many incidents landed me in trouble😁😁 .

Till it made me aware to believe speaking truth is very expensive and painful. Now having this belief thought patterns that has much landed similar experiences till I started loving myself.

Till today, whether in my writtings, my explanation or even in business deals, I speak and stand on my truth. Knowing as I speak in truth, I might lose a deal or creating my watever impression I made on myself. As I am loving myself, I begining to love myself even more to have this outrageous personality. This is because I begin to see more truthful result of being who I am. Yes it may be painful or shameful but after a while it enfold to magic rainbow cake that so sweet to eat.😂

I began to accept the truth of inner soul. Somewhere within, there is knowingness that in this moment lies only being truthful to ourself.

Being truthful to ourself, creates many things in life. Better awareness  of what we truly want in life, being authentic, being more strong and courage to stand within, creates more abundance fullfillingly, healthy boundary within  and most of all aligning our trueself.

My sharing Today is in my personal experiences of truthfulness is in my inner relationship with divine love within. Most of us has a belief of what divine love is for us. The relationship with divine love is relantionship with our self. What matter  in truthfulness relantionship divine love creates the similar experiences with others. So how we treat our inner divine love the same creates the outer experiences.

Over the years, in experiecing this understanding makes me aware truly that we are born magical myths. This is my personal believe being Human. We been given such exotic abilities that we take it for granted because of past believers. So being truthful is one of the factors.

Many afraid to speak the truth because of many reason and it again is all relates to inner relationship. Clear what is inner your inner relantionship of being truthful because that is only way to have clear mirror lifestyle in joy and love.

Tq for reading
Tq lord
Blessing of love

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