Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Unattachable energy is Love

Everyone has ideas and concepts what is life and how can life be to us...We hear and read from enlightment souls sharing their understanding that can help us to know, love and feel ourself with life. We get excited to explain this that in our understanding to others.

So each  understanding enfolds and recreate with another understanding, now when it reaches to people, some may love it, some may like it and some may hate it and list goes on. The duty of sharing is just to pass the "message" of what one wants to hear. Now the message received and understood is all depends on the ears and mind that interpret it. Yes?

So how can we judge life is how and what? Can it be in oneness when each of unique in our ideas? Can we really predict how is life for future?...Personally every prediction relates to belief pattern. The power of conviction creates and manifest the ideas into so called reality.

Now when these ideas manifest, we then become and belief the ego of skills that builds us. If along the way some mishap happen, there is where unappreciation towards our own manifestation happen which again all depends what idea we believe.

In my sharing today, life teaches the meaning of flexibility and acceptance to what comes our way. The power resistance to these non acceptances creates illusionary fears that again creates the belief manifestation. This will separates our trueself.

Just be aware every good comes, its a joy, every bad or mistakes comes is still a joy.😁😁❤❤ Because life is hinting we need to change our style of whatever  we creating nonalignment. Mind us making mistakes is also never mistakes because we are life itself. We projectors of miracles daily.

Things happens, shits happens but it never about looking for negative approach. Its about positive way looking at it. It never that it is fix as it is. It is about moving along with it. What is life is showing. Learn it and unlearn again. So give time space to study self in creating life that aligns within. This is biggest and truest  investment  anyone can do to self for success is learning self every day because we change every moment as we are the unattachable energy.😁

Tq for reading.
Tq lord
Blessings of love

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