Friday, 18 August 2017

Words of choice

Words makes who I am. Words are thoughts. Is it easy to change thoughts? Is it easy to change words? Louise Hay say yes it is easy. Practising this knowledge over the years has made me more loveable. It removes the deepest darkest side of me which I thought was not easy. It is easy.

It matters on whether I wanted to or not. I made a choice. Choice is also easy as thoughts. Life is full of thoughts. What choice we make life creates.

Therefore choose wisely. Say wisely. Live wisely. It is very simple. Only requires practise. As I practice faith gets stronger because it become of what I choose. Trust follows along too.

Thoughts and words of feelings are all easyly can be done. It matters what we pick. Happy choosing❤❤

Tq lord
Blessings of love

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