Monday, 23 October 2017

Honest to self

Love inspiration of the moment :

Honesty to self.
It is challenge to any human being to stay true to honest inner feeling with anyone. We are programmed human with past ideas that has been influence n carrying on "blindly" to lead our lives.

The day we are born we are designated with programme related to what has been carry on. I use to wonder in my mind if these programming has been really good and true then why do human still unhappy, suffer and die in allowing to be as it is?

Well in  years loving myself, the awareness has open me to know that we allow to be made believe that we are limited being through lives in past programme ideas. In changing my inner programme, I encountered much barrier to break through in my mind because fear losing love and failing to do what inner voice say.

So today sharing is, listen to inner voice that leads to receiving answer to our suffering, lost and unawareness what is life about. Many I have encountered in my life are facing dullness or rather blindly being mislead to aware the true purpose of our life. Some say, is just party party party, some says, work work work, some says pray pray pray, some says who cares, some says it is too scary to live on earth now, some says we are facing dooms days, some says, jus ignore and do wats matter and its goes on.

Everyone has their own perception and understanding including me. I would like to emphasize that take moments in our life assess the way we lead and start asking question within like below for example :

What exactly I am here for?
Where am I heading?
Wherever I am heading, is it all I wish?

The above are very simple question but it can be mind "rounding". To find real honest self purpose, we require to tap in our breathing, our source. The door to find answers that resonate to our inner being. No books or professor or guru can lead us to our inner realization of what is love is all about.  Everything that appear in our path is our friend (of any form) to teach us something sumwhere. We require to allow openness and broadmindedness to look beyond of its image, voice and words. It begins with nothing and end with nothing.

Therefore all hustle bustle, rushing, chasing, showing off, claiming watever is so very temporary in life. What is honest is knowing our honest self, true inner happiness. Take time for self always, do not let it be too late to know who you are because it maybe gone in split second. Cherish the self, then self teaches to cherish another.

No anger, jealous, irritation, loneliness etc leads to aware self. All I can personally share, give moment to self to identify source that is ever longing to welcome. We no need to be perfect to experience it,  jus be true and honest to self.

Bless love

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