Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Bless everything with love

Everything that has happened in our past is always been our blessings to create more love, compassion and forgiveness. Never hold grievances or grudges in past feeling when we encounter some repetition episods that separates us for being fully ourself.

We already fully self and love, its jus our thoughts and feelings creates illusion to enjoy being who we are. I have been on this road again and again. It can be very disheartening when its like no matter how much we can be and do, yet we experience moments that makes us low within.

Never allow such moments to take away our beautiful presence. Everything that has happened, bless it with love. Yes it can be difficult but by blessing it with love, we are creating the space of letting go and receiving new moments in our life.

We no longer harp or allow same repeititve episod happen nor we allow our past way thinking happening again. Bless with love everything in life. Make it a practise. It is so simple and easy. All you need the very moment and your heart that you really good within and around to happen.

It is ok if sumtimes we get carried away in expressing negative but do not allow the self to feel guilty and keep holding it. Let it go and bless the self by aware that we not bad. We are here to evolve and learn to be better.

Bless and bless with love. Believe in it and appreciate who we are.

Blessings of love
Tq lord

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