Friday, 7 July 2017

Being Grateful Every Moment

When I realise how important gratitude in my life,I never stop feeling grateful. I practise this in last 14 years of my life. Mind you many times doubt arise in me. But yet I keep doing.

When bad moments comes in life, much we feel defeated as even we feel exhausted as we get tired in making our life better. Yet in practising feeling grateful as we been expericing in life, it opens more door unexpectedly. That much till it brings smilling face to Cosmos for its wonder and feeling love. Oh yes, I have personally experience this many times. I find gratitude is like magic pill to our calling, pains or whatever we want to experience in life.

How do we really thank life in day to day living ? I am sharing my few tips that truly change my direction on life.

1) Most of us take time for grated. It is like time owned by us. Time is never owned by anyone. Time existed only for understanding the moment. So as we practise that we Thank Time for its support in living our life. It will change the vision on perfect time management. The phrase "I dont have enough time" will no longer active in our subconscious mind. Thank moment of time for its awareness in our life.

2) Thank our breath. We are so grateful to experience life thru our breath. Our breath is our precious gift. How many times in a day we take time to Thank breath? We get so engrossed with mental and emotion activity, that we get carried away in not aligning ourself. There we end up having problems. So by thanking Breath, we continously express to life how much we are grateful. The more we do it, the more universe brings miracles in our life.

Hope the above gives more awareness on how important gratitude especially in 2 simple things in our life "  Time & Breath" and yet so precious and priceless.

Will be sharing more on gratitude. Till then lots of love
Blessings love

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