Saturday, 22 July 2017

Let it be, let it go, let it rise, let it love

Let it rise whatever it maybe, let it be, let it flow without fear, let fear arise, let it be, welcoming it with love or watever emotion, never hold it back because every emotions is meant for it to be, only never attached or asked why?😁 
When we asked why as we know we require for new opening or change, this Why question will create another mental block to release whatever need to be gone. Why is just a question to Ego self satisfaction, where the old self needed to be held back but new self said let it be, let it go, its there jus let it be...
Let it be, let it go, let it rise to all experiences.....only then the true awareness arise. Well never say NO to old Ego too because its been with us, say thank you for everything and now we ready for greater experiences.

Having shared the above, I personally was finding  an answer over the years on about let it go and ego. I learned every light and darkness comes from Divine world. Our perceptions or ideas is based on our soul search to what our learning here. Every individual as its own revolutions to meet its destiny, therefore EGO is also good for us. I use to think its bad because it makes us suffer much to not aware what is love all about but by Divine World sharing n of course many spiritual leaders, the awareness of Ego is plainly about accepting as it it, thanking for making us what it is and the letting it go without conditions.

Its not easy, but practising bit by bit, we all will come to its awareness..Just be self. No need searching by cracking head on how to demolished this ego etc. The more we focus that way, trust it me, it  will create more barriers to aware true self. So be easy, what matter let it be, let it go, let it rise, let it love. Thats all. Stay thankful and joy, cry when need, do what we feel too in accordance to our inner understanding.

Let it be, let it go, let it rise and let it love. Match point..💞💞💞💞

Thank you lord
Blessings of love

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