Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Learning to truly love self

It is part of process of life to learn to truly love the self. In my journey, I learned my body speak to me about myself, my true identity, my worth, my whatever feelings, thoughts that I am holding on myself. My body teaches me the meaning of patience in loving my self.

As in day to day, we awake in our world, we become so engrossed with our inner emotions or fear which preceived and captured by past. We are the programmers of our lives. In realising over these years loving myself, the prominent act comes from within. Therefore we are "the buttons" in releasing the thoughts that can change the entire happening within. Yeah it is very tough to believe this amazing secret but in my last 14years journey, I have experience the miracles in many ways but I admit my mind or the ghost mind🙄 will at times reconnect me to my past when I face similiar challenges..So what do I do then,  I can truly tell you, I am become the role play the 2 wolves game within. The trick is faith and trust towards what I have achieved to overcome the game. And surrender.

That keep me going to move forward even it can be terrifying because when a new challenge comes in my space, its very easy to allow ourself to be defeated. But here I can tell what is true power, is being aware I am love. You know when I keep engaging in my awareness I love myself, I deserve in being love. My past never define me my true identity,  this become my Armor of accepting and creating new moment within.

The beauty is when we aware why we are here,  to learn to truly love the self then we do not become victim of our own war. We become easy with self. This makes easy way to change within  and to let go to give avenue towards new happening, new growth of life. Amazing isn't it?

The point here, there is no point to blame at others in pinpointing it is their fault, or they are not educated, or their religion as such, or they being blamed what we think. As we think in our mind this way, but what do they think its not in our mind. Yet our hearts connected no matter where who etc. So what is the point being angry, sad, revenge, curses when we creating such thought even its terrible happening. As we realise the power to change is in our hand with unison of our faith, then the truly love is game of life.

Nothing is perfect, I do not believe it meant to be perfect in outer world, it is just being created this notion we have to be perfect so that we get acknowledge bigger or greater than anyonelese. No its never that because it is the Ego game. Love never compares, never discriminates, never destroy, never hate so its only notion, ideas because of past preceive moment.

Learned to truly love the self becomes joy of life. It give courage to pass the moment that we think we cant. But we can. Here my sharing focus within, take charge of every act and words thats becomes our gift of life.

Thats all for now.
Blessings of love,

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