Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Six sense loving gifts

Everyone has sixth sense or being an empath. But why most of us get scared or thinking otherwise as one said he or she has these gifts?

I came from that line to live and think differently as being gifted. Till today to be accepted as a person with sixth sense is a taboo or bullshit even by very close ones. Everyone is born with sum sixth sense. Some has by seeing images, be hearing extra voices, by knowing or by feeling. Each of us has certain gifts given to us to help ourself and others in living our life.

When I was young, I had difficulity going to places, because I could sense presence or hear stuff. Well, if I open my mouth and share, I will be laugh at. People think I am instable. I keep it to myself. All this years.

Until when I call for Divine help, all of my abilities of senses in seeing, knowing, feeling and hearing got stronger over the years. Thanks to my spiritual teacher who taught me to respect, love and appreciate this gifts. He taught me many things to understand about this gifts. I am thankful to know people like Doreen  Virtue is one of them who teaches to enhance the gift ability and to appreciate as we are.

Well I am writting this, I know sum may relate and sum not. If any of you know sumone who has these  gifts,  please Do Not laugh or belittle them, because it might take to the brink of low self esteem or commit suicide. You may try to encourage by trying to respect of such ability that may groom the person to be stronger.

Coming from such personality, we are very hypersensitive to nature because of these gifts. It is not easy to live with people who are not same length and we know its difficult to find same type.

To me, I use my gifts in helping myself and people who believe and respect my gifts. I know those who came and understood the ability. I learn to understand the meaning of being humble while being gifted.

If you know sumone have sixth sense or yourself, do not be afarid because Divine world is ever ready to help and give guidance to spread our wings. We may fall not able to wake up but we have angels that around us can uplift us as we meant to love.

We are born as magical being. We have forgetten who we are truly. Only by love, we awake to know our mystical loving world.

Thank you lord
Blessings of love

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